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Welcome to Chestermere's Premium Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Service
I lovingly care for your pet while you are away!

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At Animal Traxx Dog Walking Services I take great pride in providing you with peace of mind, providing your pet with the best care possible in your absence, and always leaving my customers with happy wagging tails.  I am committed to improving the quality of your dog's life.

Those who have used a dog walking service understand the difference we can make in yours and your pets lives. A reliable dog walker can alleviate your guilt about leaving your loved one locked up all day, can save your carpets and couches, or keep you from running home on lunch hours to let out "Sophie".  There is a big difference between a dog left alone for eight to ten hours, and one that gets fresh air, fun and exercise during the day.  They are usually calmer, less likely to get into trouble, and are not holding a full bladder for hours.  House visits and exercise during the day also helps to prevent urinary tract infection and kidney infections that are commonly the result of being forced to hold pee up to 8 or 9 hours.  It is important to start socializing your dog as young as possible, so it is more stable around other dogs and people when it gets older. This also ensures that your dog learns the difference between a friendly approach and a threatening one. We’ve all heard of stories on the news where dogs have attacked an adult or child. Good training and socializing makes this scenario unlikely.  Socializing is the best thing you can do for your dog. The services we have available can help, and will contribute to a longer, happier and more fulfilled life for your dog. 

Animal Traxx Dog Walking Services promises a commitment to excellence.  To ensure the utmost safety of your pets and property, Animal Traxx Dog Walking Services is licensed, bonded and insured for the care, custody and control of your dog.  We are also members of the COP with the Chestermere Police.

Call 403-922-4117 or email: for a free in-home consultation where we will meet to determine the services that best suit you and the needs of your pet. 

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